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Website Construction and Maintenance

We can build you a straightforward and attractive website that doesn't cost you a fortune. This website will work on ALL platforms - phones, tablets and laptops. Your website can be updated in a timely manner for a reasonable fee.

Domain Name Selection and Registration

We will assist in choosing a domain name for your website ( We will then register your domain name.

Connecting Your Website to the Internet

Your website wil be placed on our server and be available for everyone to see on the World Wide Web. We can also connect your site to social media sites of your choice.

Frequently Asked ...

You can have your website built by us in the $450 range (depending on your needs). As well, there is annual fee of $170 to maintain your domain registration and server space rental

After our initial consultation, we will have to connect again once or twice to make sure the website reflects what you want. Once finished, the site can be put on the Internet almost immediately. Depending on your availablity, it would be reasonable to expect to be up and running in 2 or 3 weeks.

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